Mama Lils Pickled Asparagus
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Mama Lil's Picked Asparagus - 16 oz - Seattle

pickled mama lil's
Howard did it again! Mama Lil's Asparagus is pickled and, like the beans, are pretty much out of this world! It's not just your basic pickle, it's base is the spice of mama lil's peppers. Think zingy and we think they are the best!

Frequently Asked Question:
"I recently purchased a bottle of pickled asparagus from Mama Lil's, and noticed some white specks on the stalks. What are these growths?"

Not to worry; those white/gray flecks are perfectly safe to eat. The flecks are actually a protein buildup called Rutin, a natural flavonoid in asparagus that sometimes reacts harmlessly with the vinegar. Rutin is created within pickled asparagus when asparagus in heated within an acid such as vinegar in the pickling process. Through this process, Rutin is drawn out of the asparagus. It then becomes insoluble in the vinegar and crystallizes on the asparagus. While most individuals think the worst, it is quite the opposite, as the flecks of Rutin can have many great benefits. Rutin is a strong antioxidant, which can be effective against inflammation, cell damage and blood circulation problems. Rutin works well with Vitamin C to fend off easy bruising, thin skin and unsightly veins. Enjoy your asparagus, whether pickled grilled, sauteed, seared or fried (yes, even fried) because it naturally is fat free, contains no cholesterol and is low in sodium and calories. Asparagus is a great source of folic acid, vitamin E and Vitamin C.
Grown and hand picked in Washington.
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