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Mama Lil's Original Pepper - 12 oz jar Mama Lil's Original Peppers - Seattle, WA

Spice it up!
Make almost any sandwich better!
Howard told me that this is his favorite of all Mama Lil's. It works really well with meaty hot sandwiches, and with cheese. In other words, these peppers really mix well with others; they enhance as much as they contribute. 

Michael Natkin, Chef and Author of Herbivoracious - a blog and book of the same name, demonstrates Pasta ala Carbonara using Mama Lils Peppers.

From Abruzzi, Italy to Youngstown, Ohio, and then to the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington comes a recipe that has moved with the people. 

At the core of this condiment is the Hungarian Hot Wax, known as the Goathorn Pepper. It took a young man who moved to Seattle and who learned early on that his one jar allotment from his Mom every year was not enough to satisfy his cravings. If he wanted to share with his friends, he needed to make it himself.

In 1992 he did just that. In the basement kitchen of the Seattle Unitarian Church the first batch of Mama Lil’s was born. Over the years Mama Lil's has transformed from the local Church Kitchen, to a robust food service business, serving hundreds of hot dog joints and fancy dancy eateries. Mama Lil's classic Peppa's should be a staple in any kitchen arsenal. 

The Goathorn pepper grows best in the Yakima Valley, where the ashen enriched soil, arid climate, and the cold nights during harvest creates a firm, natural-sugaring orange and red chile pepper. It's this sweetening that gives this spicy condiment its universal charm. This pickled pepper plays well with almost every dish!

Picking and pickling all in the same day keeps the commercial tasting flavors away. Pickling for as long as needed and then drained for the same, creates a product that is just as it was in the Church Kitchen almost a decade ago.

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