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La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic Condimento 20-YR
100 ml
- Modena, Italy

This Balsamic Condimento is called "Goccia," and it can trace its roots back twenty years. It is not as thick as some much younger condimentos, and this indicates a great degree of skill on the part of the producers.The flavor opens with woody notes and hints of truffle before blossoming into a very complex fruit filled mid palate with a cascade of blackberry and black cherry notes. It moves quickly to a nice nutty, almost buttery in the wine sense, finish with a pleasant amount of back-of-the-palate acid.

La Vecchia Dispensa 20-year balsamic is a matured balsamic obtained from the boiled must of choice grapes grown in the Province of Modena, with the addition of colonies of vinegar bacteria known as "mothers". In the aging process, the vinegar is transferred between a succession of barrels of different sizes and different types of wood, traditionally used in the zone, combined in specific sets. Balsamic vinegar is dark brown in color, has a piercing aroma with an attractive acid note, and becomes denser as the years pass. Its characteristics vary through the different stages of the aging process. Balsamic aged 20 years or more becomes denser, their fragrance and flavor are enriched, and it can be appreciated to the full on flakes of Parmesan cheese, on strawberries or on ice cream, or sipped at the end of a meal.

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