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Ketjap Manis - sweet soy - 1000 ml - Holland

(pronounced KEH-chup MAH-nis) is a sweet Indonesian soy sauce. Ours is imported from Indonesia via Holland.

This dark, syrupy-thick Indonesian sauce may be substituted for soy sauce in any recipe that also calls for a sweetener like sugar or honey (leave out the sweetener, or adjust the amount to taste), or any dish that you feel could benefit from a warm, slightly sweet undertone. We think it pairs wonderfully with Shoyu (soy sauce), and this marinade recipe is no exception. The ketjap is usually sweetened with palm sugar.

Try mixing equal parts ketjap and melted butter as a marinade for fish (broiled or grilled).

For meat, brush with ketjap, and then baste a few times during cooking.

For a simple but flavorful stir fry, sauté the veggies and meat or chicken (if using) in olive oil, and then add some chopped garlic, ginger and a few spoonfuls of ketjap as you stir fry - you probably won't need to add additional salt or sweetener.

Ingreidients: syrup, soy sauce (water, soy beans, wheat flour, salt, caramel, preservative; sodium benzoate), acidifier: lactic acid, salt

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