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Etruria Juniper Berry Organic Vinegar - 250 ml (8.5 oz) - Umbria, Italy - Organic, da agricoltura biologica, USDA Organic

The subtle flavor is hinted in this vinegar, it's strength comes when it is used in a place where you want acid and a herb addition to your dish. The cleanliness of this vinegar is refreshing due in part to the pronounce acidity.

Though we might be swayed by packaging, rarely do we ever, (perhaps never) choose anything because of it ... though one very cool feature of these organic vinegars is the pop up spout hidden under the cap! From a purely selfish reason, this really helps when sampling in our store of to Chefs, it does also actually help when you are cooking! Packaging that adds value!

So many uses for vinegars ... for vinaigrette, deglazing, fresh fruit, and in marinates. Once you use vinegars, you'll wonder how you got along without them!


water, honey, juniper berries.

Acidity 0,5%
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