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Etruria Honeydew Honey - Organic - 250 gr (8.5 oz) - Italy - Organic Italy and USDA

It almost makes you think that the honey should be twice as sweet because of its name ..... what it is is a very, very dark - as dark as any honey we have seen - with a deep, slightly savory flavor!

Honeydew is the substance produced by phloem-feeding aphids and other small insects that matabolize a sugary sap produced by honeydew-producing plants - like conifer trees, and then deposit it where the bees can collect it and process it into this amazing honeydew honey.

Not only do the bees take this honeydew and create a heavenly food, but ants also have a role to play. They have an interesting (if you are a bug person...) symbiotic relationship with some of the honeydew-producing insects; when the aphids expel the honeydew droplets, ant will come a carry the droplets away. If the ant misses it’s cue, the insect will literally pull the droplet back in and expel it again. The droplet is like the balloons we tie to our sign outside the shop, waving expectantly, telling the ants to come on over.

Very rich in minerals, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, the flavor of honeydew honey is a little less sweet than flower-nectar honey with a strong savory flavor of pine and bark: bitter, earthy, sweet and very woody. The color is very dark, sometimes blackish. It's very dense and does not crystallize. The honeydew is characterized by the presence of minerals in larger quantities than other types of honey.

Guiseppe has been creating and finding some of the most delicious Italian artisan-created products we have ever tasted - and this honeydew honey is no exception. Sweet, gooey, savory, delicious - Honeydew Honey!

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