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Hawkshead Grill Sauce - 230 ml bottle - Lake District, England

This tasty sauce is new for the award winning Hawkshead Relish Company. It is a very, very tasty, tomato-based steak sauce - not oozing, indistinguishable brown or orange like the big boys make. It is tangy - thanks to the tomatoes, tamarind and a touch of malt vinegar - with a nice finish of sweetness - that's the molasses - and just a pinch of heat - from horseradish. It is great for burgers or chops and it will enhance any dogs, burgers or brats that come from your grill.

About the Producers
The Hawkshead Relish Company is small, family-run artisan food business based in rural Cumbria, in England's Lake District. Although small, they have already taken home more than 30 "Great Taste Awards" for their relishes, pickles and preserves.

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ingredients: Sugar, Acetic Acid, Tomato, Hawkshead Relish (Water, Acetic Acid, Treacle, Sugar, Tamarind, Garlic, Salt, Balsamic Fruit Vinegar, Cayenne, Caramel, Cloves), Cornflour, Horseradish, Salt, Smoked Pimenton, Cayenne

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