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Etruria Wild Fennel Organic Vinegar - 250 ml (8.5 oz) - Umbria, Italy - Organic, da agricoltura biologica, USDA Organic

When Giuseppe let us know he was working on some new vinegars, we were very excited! A few years ago he let us taste his prototype Wild Fennel Vinegar and it it does not disappoint!

Fennel Vinegar: Fennel is an unmistakable Mediterranean personality. It tastes like licorice and sun, salty sea-coasts and grass. It’s a suave seasoning that gets along nicely with fish, meat and poultry. The recent popularity of fennel pollen has foodies clamoring for the stuff when it’s available, and despondent when it’s not. We suggest picking up a bottle of Etrurua’s Fennel Vinegar for its own sake; the tangy aroma and flavor will encourage you to drizzle it onto grilled veggies and roasted chicken. But if you find yourself yearning for fennel flavor when the pollen is unavailable, comfort yourself with this condiment-a lovely way to insinuate the floral/herbal tones of fennel into your dishes.

So many uses for vinegars ... for vinaigrette, deglazing, fresh fruit, and in marinates. Once you use vinegars, you'll wonder how you got along without them!

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water, honey, wild fennel
Acidity 0,5%

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