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Essential Pantry French Candied Lemon Peel - 200 grams 7 oz - France

This lemon peel is good for fruitcake and baked goods.

Lemon Candy
Candied Lemon Peel!

Make candied lemon peel once, and you realize how great it can be. Do it right and you know that it takes time, lots of time and lots of space. The results are always enjoyable if you can get the correct lemons when you want them.

On the other hand, when the peels come in from France, we can't but all eat a few (testing, we are always testing) just to ensure our memory is still working. These peels are the best we have tasted when it comes to price to volume.

Now, don't be thinking we are looking for cheap, because we are not. We are still looking for peels that we would use ourselves. And, in fact, these are so good we eat them out of hand like candy.

Bakers know that these are the ones to get.

french candied peel

The process of making candied citrus rind ...
..... is time consuming, and it can be nerve racking, what with making sure the sugar concentration, times and temperatures are all correct, not to mention the quality of the fruit. We've managed to find some candied lemon rind sticks that have been imported from France, one of the countries that helped write the book on preserving fruit.

They are perfect for a whole host of applications, use them as is to dip in your favorite dark chocolate couverture for a wonderful treat to serve with after dinner coffee. Or, you can dice then up and use them in a host of baking and confectionery applications from cookies and cakes to puddings and tarts.

Before dipping in chocolate or the like you should air dry for one to two days.
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