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Essential Pantry Coconut Palm Sugar -16 oz - Bali

This is some of the most fragrant, flavorful sugar we've ever tasted. Hints of toasted coconut and caramel waft from the open bag. Not quite as sweet as cane sugar or as overpowering as dark muscovado, it is loaded with toasty flavor - maple sugar fans will love this.

Suggested Uses:
Sprinkle this coconut palm sugar on your oatmeal; use it instead of white sugar on top of crème brulée; make a syrup from it and drizzle it over some banana nut pancakes use it as part of the crumbly topping for crisps, crumbles or coffee cake; try it in coffee or herbal tea; use it to add a bit of sweetness to marinades and stir-fries, and experiment with all sorts of desserts. (We've even been known just to pop it right into our mouths for a sweet treat...!)

Where it Comes From
In the village of Dawan on the island of Bali, artisans collect the sweet "tuak" sap from the bounty of coconut palms that keeps this coastal village shady and cool. The village ofDawan is renowned throughout Indonesia as the place where coconut sugaring first began, and their golden harvest is highly prized.

The Process
With the coming of dawn, the silhouettes of island farmers can be seen climbing high into swaying palms, tapping the flowers spikes that hang within the green fronds. A sweet nectar is released and drips slowly into earthen vessels hung below the flowers. This nectar is "tuak:" the sweet sap of the palm. The tuak is boiled over open fires in cast iron kettles and slowly thickens to sugar. At just the right moment the sugars are stirred to form crystals and ladled hot into waiting coconut shell molds and then ground back into granules for transport to America.

A Little History
The art of sugaring the palms is a tradition dating back over centuries, its secrets passed from generation to generation. An artisan sugar made on a scale of kilos a day...nothing short of perfection.
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