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8.8 oz tin

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The Urbano family began roasting small amount in 1946. Aided by his wife, the company's founder was all about meticulous selection of the very best green coffee. His technical coffee knowledge, combined with his sensitivity to customer requirements, research and experimentation with top quality blends, transformed equipment and deeply rooted in the provincial territory.

The second generation Urbano in the 1970's and began to focus on the national market, as well as specialty stores and supermarkets. They expanded their product line, leading to the company's first big success. Along with this success came the need to modernize the companies operations. The trick was to automate while preserving the company's family-run, artisan feel.

With the arrival of the third generation in the 1990's came a focus on the foreign markets. This involved a re-branding to appeal to the more demanding foreign customers. Then, in 2006, the products were re-branded again, this time entrusted to a master of creativity, Oliviero Toscani, so that consumers can better understand the Miscela d'Oro's focus on quality, elegance and simplicity.
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