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16 oz - Oregon

Wild Rice is at base a type of grass that grows in water; wild rice did well in the shallow lakes and streams of the Northwest region. In the 1700s and 1800s, Indians introduced wild rice to the fur traders, who subsisted mainly on the fish they caught and the wild rice they then bought. The Indians taught traders to eat the rice boiled plain or with maple sugar as a pudding, as well as to use it in soups and stews made with venison, bear, fish or fowl.

Richard Bylund and Dave Rogers are the only two people growing wild rice in Oregon. They saw a need for a new and better way to make a living off the land in the Willamette Valley; the thick clay soil grows little besides grass seed, but turned out to be ideal for wild rice. Dave has the only wild rice mill in the state. This wild rice is hand-packed by Riverside Training Center in St. Helens where handicapped workers take pride and care to ensure a quality product.

The wetlands created for wild rice increase the biodiversity of the area, attracting all kinds of birds and other animals. The Lane County Audubon Society has placed Dave's rice paddies on their list of birding sites. Testing has shown the water leaving wild rice paddies is cleaner and colder than when it entered.

Bring 3 cups water or stock to a boil, stir in 1 cup uncooked Wild Rice reduce heat and simmer, covered 40-45 minutes or just until kernels puff open. Uncover and fluff with a fork and simmer an additional five minutes. Drain off any excess liquid.
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