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20 pounds Columbia River Salmon - fillet/sides
Price Includes Expedited Shipping
Fresh (never frozen) and wild caught. Salmon fillets.

Some think the Columbia River King Salmon is the very best King salmon on the planet. Mostly because the Columbia River is so long – so the salmon need to store up a lot of oil in order to make it all the way up the river to spawn. When my Dad was growing up he remembers Columbia River Salmon as the salmon to have..... Back then there was an abundance of it. Today the run is severely limited and the days for fishing can often be counted on one or two hands. Place your order now ... no guarantees that we will get any at all ....

First shipment scheduled for Wednesday, March 31st. If you would like your salmon the following week, please let us know and we will try our best.

Important Shipping Information:
* Please plan to be available on delivery day, so that your salmon doesn't have to sit outside in hot weather. We will email you (via UPS) the day the salmon ship so you know when to expect it.
* Call us (800.596.0885) for shipping charges to Alaska or Hawaii. We are unable to ship fresh fish to international destinations.
* If your order includes both fresh fish and other items, the fish will ship separately and you will be charged our regular ground shipping for the non-perishable items.
* Fish orders shipped separately are subject to additional shipping charges.
* We ship all orders early in the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) - so that they arrive to you before the weekend. Please place your order by Friday to be shipped the following week.
* We try to get as close to 20-22 pounds as possible. We like to try to send full fillets. If the weight is significantly more or less than 20-22 pounds, then we adjust the price accordingly.
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