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Colline di Santa Cruz Olive Oil - 375 ml  -
Santa Cruz County, California (2016 Harvest)

Leccino - Frantoio - Ascolano - Taggiasca

Colline di Santa Cruz
It might be the salty air that makes it great!

With dark olive green color, the oil is warm in feel to the lips, filling the mouth with a fullness of buttery oil that turns to an edge of bitter, and then a sharp burn at the top of the back of the throat. When it's all gone, the mouth feels a vapor-tingly refreshment like a good mint might leave.

Unlike some oils this time of year, and more like the person who creates the oil, Colline di Santa Cruz is very friendly with a strong sense of flavor. Not an oil that disappears from memory, it is an oil that participates in a dish.

For some this oil can have the fiery punch and burn you are looking for. For others, the burn is slight. It really is an oil that has personality, and shows its true self when used!

Limited supply.

Pressed from hand-picked olives grown in the coastal hills of Monterey Bay, Colline is a wonderfully fresh, flavorful, unfiltered oil that has repeatedly won gold medals at the L.A. County Fair, including Best of Show.

The oil bursts into the mouth with complex olive flavors and no trace of harshness from immature fruit. It's a beautifully balanced, harmonious oil, with "a backgound of bitterness with rich fruitiness and a mild but persistent peppery finish," according to Bruce, one of the partners at Colline.

Suggestions for Use
As with most of our excellent oils, this one is a finishing oil that brings out the best in food. Use it as a garnish for soups, to dress salads and steamed vegetables, or as a richly flavorful finish for meat and fish dishes and pastas.

About the Producer
Colline Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives grown in the rolling hills near Santa Cruz, California. Sitting atop a hill, owner Chris Banthien's Valencia Creek Farm is an extraordinary property. From a small group of 100 trees first imported from Pescia, Italy in 1994, Chris and her business partner, nurseryman Bruce Golino, have expanded to over 2,000 trees. Chris and Bruce are very proud to be the first to grow olives for oil production in the Monterey Bay area since the 1940s.

The mild weather of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties' cool coastal areas is similar to that of Lucca in Tuscany, and coastal influence yields very fruity oils with softer bitterness and pungency than olive oils produced from drier, warmer climates. Specializing in Tuscan and northern Italian varietals, Chris and Bruce have planted Maurino, Frantoio, Leccino and Ascolano and have recently planted Taggiasca from the Ligurian Coast.
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