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Etruria Chestnut Honey - Organic - 250 gr (8.5 oz) Umbria, Italy - Organic Italy and USDA

Some of the finest honeys come from small family beekeepers in Italy. This Chestnut Honey is created from organic farming and is thick and rich in flavor.

Perfection for savory foods! Honeys, typically from "trees" are stronger in flavor, with a hint of sharp or woodsy flavor.

Etruria honey from Organic Farming

Chestnut honey abounds all over Italy. No two are alike, each with their own unique complexity. From color to viscosity the honeys change from microclimate to microclimate. Almost all have a much darker complexion than many honeys, often an indication that it has more antioxidants than lighter honeys.

Tree Honey, that is, honey from trees flowers are mostly sharper, to some they seem to have a bitter edge, to others that "bitterness" is the character that gives this chestnut honey it's lovable personality. We have had honeys come and go in life, but Guiseppes Etruria Honeys are part of our family of honeys.

This is the kind of honey that is meant to pair with others who also have a strong personality. If you think honey is only meant for your cup of Salad tea, then this honey is not for you.

This is the kind of honey that stands out to top a rich cheese like blue or harder aged cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano. Or drizzle and marinade protein like lamb or pheasant. Even in cookies and some cakes it will shine! Bread and butter can work, but think thick heavy bread and a rich butter and you can add the taste of honey to your life!

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