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Caputo ' 00 ' Pizza Flour  - 2.2 pound bag - Italy

14-14.5 % dry gluten content

Caputo "00" Pizza Flour is finely ground and higher in protein -- so it makes a superior crust. Super soft flours is the tradition in Naples, Italy - the land of pizza and pasta. Caputo "00" Pizza Flour is finely ground from the finest European winter wheat which means a softer texture and supple mouth-feel. It's easy to work and produces a beautiful crumb.

The biggest question we get is, What is the difference between All purpose flour and Italian "00" flour.

Besides the level of the grind, the biggest difference between all-purpose flour and "00" flour is how the gluten acts or behaves. Gluten from durum wheat tends to be strong but not as elastic, while the gluten in red wheat is both strong and elastic. This means that when you use durum wheat flour, you'll get a nice bite on our breads and pasta, but not as much chew.

About the producer:
Anitco Milino Caputo was first started in 1924 in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius, in Naples, Italy. This is the same mill that Carmine Caputo took over from his father, and still runs today.

The mill only grinds the finest quality durum wheat grown mostly in Italy using traditional, age-old methods. They are known throughout Italy for their very finely ground ("00") flours - the mainstay ingredient for sweets, breads and pastas throughout Italy and worldwide. Flour is very important to Italians, especially those who live in Naples, so quality is important, and the miller is critical. So, the secret to getting that authentic taste is to buy Italian flour online and use Caputo "00" pizza flour from Naples.

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