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Boat Street Pickled French Plums - 9 oz - Seattle

This large pitted prunes are plumped with a syrupy cider vinegar, cane sugar, accented with coriander, mustard seed, arbol chili, orange peel and bay leaf.

A great accent to a selection of pate or as a side with roasted chicken or duck. Delicious as part of an open face sandwich of toasted country bread and fresh ricotta. Arrange prunes on a platter with cornichon, pickled red onion, dijon mustard and thick slices of country pate. For dessert, serve the prunes with a slice of pound cake and cream.

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about Boat Street
A well-loved restaurant, The Boat Street Cafe, is nestled int a hidden courtyard on the edge of the bell-town neighborhood in Seattle. The black slate tables, fresh flowers, and canopy of antique parasols draw you to the white marble-topped bar that bears many jars of pickles made-in-house.

Chef and owner, Renee Erickson, has produced a variety of pickled fruits in an effort to preserve some of the Northwests best at their height of ripeness and flavor. Over time, those pickled fruits became an integral and memorable part of the Provencal-inspired cuisine at the Boat Street Cafe.

Renee's inspiration comes from the simple, rustic cuisine of the French countryside. Clean, simple, elegant dishes inspired by the French classics. Her food is especially inspired by the fresh markets and country bistros of Provence which offer the freshest ingredients and the richest traditions. Renee marries the finest and freshest seasonal products from the Pacific Northwest; Her interpretation of this "Cuisine de la Grand Mere."
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