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Katz Black Button Sage Honey - 17 oz - California

This wonderful honey is smooth and delicate. With a wonderful flavor that is more than "honey", it changes as it flows through your mouth. Subtle with personality!

Gathered at the foothills of the California coastal mountain range, black sage honey is a medium amber color in the jar, and on the spoon it is a light amber color that looks so natural – the color of purity. With wonderful notes of flowers, the flavor floats and flows freely across your tongue and through your mouth. One never tires of the taste of freshness that fills your senses. If you like honey that flows and never crystallizes, then this is the honey for you.

Beyond tea, it is perfect with cheese or drizzled across a salad or a grilled peach. Don’t miss out on having this once-in-every-4-out-of-10-year honey for your tummy – and you can store it for a lifetime ... if you can resists its wonder!

Some things to try it ....
* in your coffee
* in your cookies
* on your cheese
* in your oatmeal
* with your tomatoes
* in your salad

or (from Albert): Rogue River Blue Cheese, set on a toasted baguette with a slice of nectarine and a drizzle of Black Button Sage Honey.....amazing!

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