Bay Leaves - Turkey
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Bay laurus nobilishas a truly noble history. It was used in ancient Greece as a symbol of greatness; crowns of laurels (another name for bay) were awarded to poets, scholars and athletes. They do noble work in the kitchen as well, appearing as an undertone in many basic dishes.
They are a familiar addition to soups and stews, being a key ingredient in the herbal infusion called bouquet garni. Poaching liquids are also enhanced with a bay leaf or two, as are bean and pulse dishes. A leaf added to boiling starches like rice and potatoes lends a very mild herbal flavor.
When finely crushed, bay becomes a complex seasoning, adding its evergreen and lemony flavors to corn, fish and vegetables. It blends well with salad dressings and makes a very nice infusion with milk or cream to use in gratins or savory puddings.

0.2 oz
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