Etruria Apricot Vinegar - Organic
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Etruria Apricot Vinegar - Organic - 250 ml - Umbria, Italy

Fruit Vinegars are in a category of their own. Honey vinegar it is obtain by double fermentation of honey and water, the first fermentation is alcoholic (also known as mead) and the second acidic. In the case of fruit vinegars, the fruit, water and honey must first ferment together to became fruit honey wine, before it be can use to make vinegars.

Etruria's Apricot Vinegar is a vinegar that is rich and deep with complex flavors. Perfect for your next vinaigrette.

This vinegar is not filtered, or pasteurized. The "mother" is still present. Shake before use.

Ingredients: water, thousand flower honey, apricot. Acidity 0.5%
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