70-60 Hot Chocolate
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70-60 Hot Chocolate - 1 pound bag - Essential Pantry

16 ounces A special mix of Organic Chocolate combined to make a deep sweet and rich drinking chocolate.

It started with a desire to create a new drinking chocolate. One that is not like the others. Not bitter dark, not super sweet, combining the nuances of our Dark Drinking Chocolate and some of the familiarity that L’Ancienne exemplifies, the hot chocolate of our childhood memory.

One freezing moonlit night, at the base of Hurricane Ridge inside a tent, I remember putting three packets of Swiss Miss into a cup of boiling water. The cup was filled with extra chocolatey goodness but it was overwhelmed with sugar. Since then I have sought the perfect cup full of chocolate to sip, that didn’t leave me with a sickly buzz of sugar when I was done.

Finally, after all these years, we have found the perfect combination of bio chocolate. It’s as easy as 1/2 cup of 70-60 and two cups of milk. Melded together in our Coco-Motion or on the stovetop, the results are still the same. With an opening of unexpected light floral notes that rolls into a chocolatey envelope, the mouth is filled with a wonderful fullness of chocolate. Rich, thick, sweet, a wealthy feel of pure dark chocolate bar encased in liquid.

Want it thicker? Add a 1/4 more cup of 70-60. To rich? Add an extra half cup of liquid. We tested and tested to find this formula. In the process we found adding vanilla can add flavor, but not always, that Pernigotti Cocoa dusted on top is always worth the shake, zest of citrus is a good twist and pretty as can be, nutmeg or cinnamon zips it up, and changing out some of the liquid with nyuh milk warms you up with a dreams of Bali. And always try a drop of Scrappy's Bitters too.

1 cup milk or liquid to 1/4 cup chocolate is a good place to start.

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