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Red Pepper Mix

Classico Olive Oil

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emmer farrow emmer is good
cook sunday eat all week

saffron fresh saffron
the new harvest

chutney hawkshead westmorland chutney
the daddy of all chutneys

toffee sticky toffee
a jarful of dessert

chili oil chili pepper
olive oil

truffle oil black truffle oil
just right for every occasion

fregula sarda couscous toasted
fregula sarda

tomato bomba!
umami tomato in a tube!

Etruria Classico Organic Olive Oil Popcorn Toppings
The Oscars are on...

And whether you care about the show or not, popcorn is like THE movie food.

It hasnít always been this way. About 8000 years ago corn started as a wild grass, not looking at all like the corn we know today. A corn that was extra starchy was used to make ìpoppedî corn when it was first "discovered". Initially it did not have the popular success it has today.

It popped up again in New England in the 19th century. From there the popped kernels ending up popping up everywhere via a steamed powered traveling cart invented by Charles Cretor. From fairs to circuses, the ìsnacking treatî was super popular except with theater owners.

It took ìtalkiesî and the ìGreat Depressionî to finally get the movie owners to offer popcorn in their theaters. It was the ìadd-onî luxury snack people could afford at 5 cents ($8 now).

Today what makes the Theater Popcorn taste so good is a product made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, artificial butter flavor, TBHQ, and Dimethylpolysiloxane. Yumm!

Given that a gallon of ìtheater butterî might be more than you want, we thought we would share our favorite two Olive Oils for this Sunday's Oscar Watching. First, Etruria Amabile (lovable) is an oil you can love. Just the right olive flavor, but not too overpowering, it is always a favorite oil to have on hand and not just for popcorn.

The other is Katz Rock Hill Ranch. I love this oil for its in-your-face personality and edgy bitter moments, and when paired with popcorn itís a poppiní rockin' time.

Salt heavily with sea salt to get the most bang for your buck.

And consider adding some heat.
Schichimi Togarshi Red Pepper Mix
added to the oil or sprinkled on top, this little jar packs Umami flavor, heat, citrus and more! All good stuff!

Settle down to cuddle with your TV or a good cookbook and Jiffy Pop your way to happiness.

Shop now for Schichimi Togarshi Red Pepper Mix!

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Fa Gao Prosperity Cake
Happy New Year
Gung Hai Fat Choi!

Itís a roundabout story to get here. But thatís okay because the final result has been worth it.

The story starts in second grade and, like all things early on, is as clear as day even if the memory is not correct. Thereís not much of a story actuallyÖ.

The important note is two friends who hang a lot together and we all benefit. So just a day or so ago we received a wonderful New Year's gift of pastry! The Mom and daughter (of the friend) baked Fa Gao and Red Bean Mooncakes.

Now to be clear, Mooncakes are for the fall Moon Festival, but why not make them and have them now?

And Fa Gao is the perfect treat to make for the New Year (celebrated from the 18th to the 24th). Translated ìProsperityî cake (Fa Gao) is described as the cake that blossoms, a ìsmileî to bring you good luck through the year.

Itís easy squeezey to make, four ingredients that everyone has in the pantry. This cake shaped muffin is a tradition, and a good one.

So bake a few and smile for good luck in 2015.

Click to see the recipe.

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Mustard and Co Honey Mustard with Curry

Flurry of Curry
Honey Mustard is sweet to eat!

This one has a twist and that twist is curry. And it's really good!

To the nose, it smells of curry; no nose puckering volatiles are obvious. To the ìtasteî, there is a sweetness, there is the mustard, and there is the idea evoking process that just seems to happen. What can I do with this?!

In my travels around Ballard, visiting the English car guys (who love food), who help us taste hot sauces (I need help with the hot stuff), I also brought this mustard. Even the mechanics, who donít like curry, came up with ideas with what to do with it.

And even the couple who were checking on their Porsche engine (I know itís German) loved the curry mustard! (Even if it was being sampled out of the back of my truck!)

Now I'm not trying to convince you that curry mustard is for you but, if you like mustard and you like curry, this may be an absolute essential for you. With a great finish with a hint of honey, this is a heat treat with a sweet finish all in a flurry of curry.

Click here to get your Curry Honey Mustard!

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This fruit spread is delicious! It's not only good on the spoon, plain Jane so to speak, it's good on toast too!

Black Elderberry

This dark, deep color speaks volumes about its lovely flavor.

syrup syrup

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