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  • Lummi Island Wild Ventresca Tuna
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Lummi Island Wild Ventresca Tuna

3.75 oz can - Washington, USA


My new favorite tuna to eat straight out of the can.

Ventresca, is from the Italian word for belly, ventre. Ventresca tuna is considered to be the best canned tuna you can find. And this can does not disappoint!

This tuna is soft supple delicious, crazy good, gentle, flavorful, and amazing! Did I say crazy good?

You can sink a plastic fork into it with ease break off a little piece for a quick taste. The flavor is delicious.

Tuna like this is meant to be eaten straight up. No need for condiments, a slice of bread, or a cracker even. A simple utensil like a fork or spoon is all you need, really.

With just a touch of salt in its own natural juices this tuna is true pleasure.

Perfect to have in hand for that little hit of protein that you need in the morning , noon and night. Pop a can in your pocket, in your purse or in the backpack.

This tuna from Lummi Island is amazing that without any added oil! This tuna is perfection! Gosh darn great!