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3 individual bottles of Balsamic Vinegar

The Perfect Gift
For the Food Lover
The Trio of San Giacomo Balsamico

Family and maturity both play a part in this wonderful line up. It’s the perfect way for anyone to see, smell and taste how balsamic vinegar matures and grows up as it passes from barrel to barrel, year to year.

When you can compare these treats all at one tasting, and when it all comes from the same person/Acetaia, it’s eye opening and pretty special.

After tasting, you might want to pour Essenza on your salad, and everything else, in fact. But tasted alone it’s spectacular, and with one other food, like Parmigiano-Reggiano, it’s divine; it enhances the flavor of the cheese while at the same time the cheese returns the favor and it will seem that the vinegar is even more alive!

But when asked to play in a crowded flavor playing field of say a salad, it’s subtlety and nuance are lost. On the other hand, Agro di Mosto has the bite and the punch to be aggressive in a crowded place, still stand out without being lost. A much better pairing for day-to-day life.

San Giacomo can go either way, from a salad to a strawberry. Enough fight in it to stand up at a game and enough maturity to hold it’s own at a ball.

See the notes on each, The Trio is perfect for you and as one of the best gifts for a food person this year!
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