Sesame Seeds
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Essential Pantry Sesame Seeds - 8 oz

Growing on a single stalk, ranging from 2 to 9 feet, the hairy pods of the thick bush contain the seeds of sesame. As old as the hills, sesame seeds make oil and butter. Not only a main ingredient in Tahini and Halvah, sesame has also been used as a baking ingredient for at least 4000 of years.

As a spice or as a condiment, as a seed or as source of oil, sesame can add good flavor. Like a finishing oil, sesame brings a distinct taste to dishes, bringing hints of Asian memories. Historically the sesame plant has been created to creat wine, perfume and has been used as a medicinal antidote against the bite of the spotted lizard.

I use sesame seeds in almost everything I make. I once read that black sesame will turn my hair less grey. Since I didn't have black seeds, I figured I might benefit from white.

It turns out there actually may be good health in those little seeds. Considered a good source of copper to fight Arthritis, magnesium to lower blood pressure and diminish cholesterol, and calcium to prevent colon cancer.

And if you eat a quarter cup, or about a big mouthful you can make a significant contribution to your daily nutritional needs. I don't know if it's working, but my hair is whiter than it was 5 years ago .....
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