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San Giacomo Agro di Mosto
750 ml bottle
- Reggio Emilia, Italy


This balsamic like vinegar, is in fact balsamic in it's early stages. Not viscously thin like young balsamics that are 6 years old, but much richer, thicker, and sweeter than it's early age would have you think. Hints of what lies ahead, this is a treat on it's own and as a wonderful everyday vinegar that is pulled before it is certified as a thick balsamic vinegar. 

Priced to be used liberally, per ml, this is the lowest priced "balsamic" vinegar we have! Don't be fooled, this is one place where price is not a reflection of quality, but in fact a mirror of quality extracted from that for which all of San Giacomo products are.

Extracted early in the balsamic-making process, Agro di Mosto is only 2-3 years old. It is truly amazing how sophisticated this bottle is given it's early age. This is filled from the same battery of barrels on its way to becoming San Giacomo Balsamic, and then Essenza, a truly sophisticated Balsamic, and finally a Tradizionale.

This is a runaway hit in the store. Anyone who tastes it, loves it!

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