FraMani Salume Gentile
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FraMani Salume Gentile - 2.4 pounds - Berkeley, CA

Salame Gentile is a traditional salame with origins dating back to the 18th century in the province of Parma, Italy. This coarse ground salame is made from selected cuts of the leg, shoulder and belly and encased in the budello gentile from which it takes its name and shape. The Gentile is seasoned simply with sea salt, cracked black pepper and white wine. It has a moist, refined texture, and is customarily sliced in fairly thick pieces on a pronounced bias. Roughly 2.4 pounds each.

Fra' Mani pork comes from family farmers committed to the well-being of their animals and their land. The hogs are never given antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, growth-promoting agents or meat by-products. They eat only the finest grains and natural feed. This old-fashioned way to raise hogs produces pork of outstanding quality, which is the essential ingredient in all Fra' Mani salumi.

Fra' Mani dry salami are made from the finest-quality fresh pork and natural hog casings. Hand-tied with natural twine and slowly mold ripened. Extended aging in the Fra' Mani cantina di stagionatura for highly-developed flavor and aroma.

About Fra'Mani
Fra' Mani Handcrafted Salumi is based in Berkeley, California, founded by nationally recognized chef Paul Bertolli. The culmination of Bertolli's zeal for authentic handcrafted food, Fra'Mani brings the art of traditional Italian salumi to America's discriminating palates.Fra' Mani handcrafts salumi from the finest-quality, all-natural pork in the pastoral Italian tradition.

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, and contains 2% or less of wine, garlic, dextrose, natural flavors, spices, starter culture.

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