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Uku / Gray Snapper - Fresh - 10 pounds

Uku / Gray Snapper - Fresh - 10 pounds
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approximately 10-pounds of Uku Fillets -- usually 12-15 fillets - Maui

Commonly known as Gray Snapper or Jobfish, Uku is caught year round in Hawaii, although it is easily available during its spawning season (May-July).

Most Uku are harvested among the main Hawaiian Islands, and the catch is sold while it is still very fresh. When properly cared for, Uku has a long shelf life, comparable to that of Opakapaka.

Like other snappers from Hawaii, Uku has clear, pale pink flesh that is delicately flavored, moist, and firm. Some chefs say that Uku is slightly stronger flavored than the very delicate Opakapaka. The last time I was in Hawaii with my family, Uku was the freshest option -- and it was consistently great every time.

Uku is sometimes a substitute for Opakapaka and can be prepared in the same ways, including baking, broiling, sauteing and steaming. Uku harvested during the summer spawning season is often rich in natural fat

Uku is a medium to small sized fish, growing to 4-18 pounds. 10 pounds of Uku usually translates to12-15 fillets. It most readily available between the months of May and October.

Our special arrangement with Hawaiian fishermen ensures that your fish is caught, cleaned on the boat, and shipped directly to you from Hawaii within 48 hours. The fish are never frozen and are the freshest you can get without being in the islands yourself! The cost of the expedited shipping is included in the price.

For more details or larger orders, call 1-800-596-0885 or email:

additional information:
- Price includes Priority Overnight shipping.
- We try to get as close to ordered weight as possible, and still maintain the integrity of the fish. Price is pro-rated to the closest tenth of a pound at the same per-pound rate.

- All Hawaiian Fish is shipped Priority Overnight. Locations east of the Rockies will take two days to arrive.
- It is important that someone be home to receive the fish when it arrives, to make sure it is refrigerated right away. It may be better to send it to a business address if you are not home during the day.

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