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Murray River Pink Salt - Australia

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Murray River Pink Salt - Australia
Product Code: 4826
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113.4 Grams - 4oz

This salt is perfect for the summer table. A light pink tone adds to an attractive place setting. You can finish any dish with this Australian Murray River Pink Salt.

The Murray River Pink salt has a fragrant but mild flavor, and is very attractive & elegant on the table. The texture of this salt is ideal as a finishing salt. The flaky crystals provide a slight crunch, and then melt quickly evenly. It has rapidly become a favorite finishing salt for many of the top chefs here in the USA. The salt is also excellent for roasting and baking.

The folks who live in Australia's Southeastern state of Victoria have been fighting a never ending battle with salinity in their rivers, and wetlands, especially in the Murray Darling River Basin. The Murray River is the largest of all rivers in Australia, and it has been stated that the salinity problem in the Murray Darling basin is the most significant environmental problem affecting Australia as we enter the next millennium - the salt loads continue to increase.

Just a short number of years ago a few enterprising individuals began try to alleviate the problem by developing facilities to remove salt from the water basin. The salt is produced by feeding saline water from the Murray Darling Basin into crystallizing ponds, where it evaporates at a high rate in northwest Victoria's arid climate. When they began, they had industrial and agricultural applications in mind, and maybe a little table salt, but little did they realize that this region produced some fairly unique salt.

One of the salts produced was pink to apricot in hue and with flat crystals, and when some of Australia's professional chefs tried it, they just raved. Word spread slowly to America and Europe - it's hard to keep something this good a secret - but everyone who tastes it calls it a winner. Winter rains wet the salt lakes, breeding salt tolerant algae that secrete a red carotene-based pigment. This pigment turns the lakebeds from pink to red, and the result is a simply marvelous salt. Depending on the seasonal conditions the salt can be apricot, pale peach or almost crimson - the crystal size will also vary.

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Murray River Pink Salt - Australia

Murray River Pink Salt - Australia
SKU:  4826
Price: $9.99 >

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