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As do Mar Yellowfin Ventresca

As do Mar Yellowfin Ventresca

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125 gr

This can contains the most prized cut of Yellowfin tuna, the belly or "ventresca" as it is called in Spain. The tuna's belly has the highest fat content, and so it is the richest in flavor and the silkiest in texture.

The belly of the tuna is also the most highly sought after cut in Japan for sushi and sashimi.

There is only a small amount of this delicious cut on a fish, and so the price is significantly higher, but your salads and pastas will be taken to new heights of flavor.

about A's Do Mar

Off the Southwest Coast of Europe lie the tiny Azores, a small chain of Portuguese islands that are right in the middle of prime Atlantic tuna grounds. A's Do Mar tuna is line caught, and then processed while still fresh. The solid flesh of the Yellowfin tuna is richer in fats than albacore and this has two results: the meat is darker - pink to reddish - and it is moister and richer in flavor. As do Mar tuna is packed in olive oil, which causes them to develop a greater nuance of flavor as they age in the can.

Voted one of Saveur Magazine's top 100 items for 1998, it is meaty and flavorful. And a favorite of Food and Wine in 2005.

This is a popular brand throughout Europe and we get a few cases, from time-to-time, packed for the Italians who know a great thing when they taste it. It will become your tuna of choice for Salade Niçoise.

Click on the product suggestions and in combination with some salt and pepper you can make three excellent tuna dishes that are way beyond a tuna, potato chip casserole!

(Bigeye Tuna is a species that travels with shools of yellowfin but swims beneath to greater depths. The result of this deeper, colder, water is an even higher fat content and richer flavor. Occasionally, bigeye are caught with the yellowfin and not seperated, so you may get a bonus of bigeye in your can.)

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